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Guidance for Schools

10-15 percent of students in America have a chronic disease. Working with the student and parents to meet the needs of the child can help to provide a normal and safe educational experience. It is important that all students have the same opportunities.

Request the following information from parents and hemophilia treatment centers:

  1. Hemophilia 101 – the parents or HTC representative has access to materials that will offer more information
  2. A contact sheet listing the parents, the treatment center, and other emergency contacts
  3. An understanding of first aid procedures for a child with a bleeding disorder
  4. An authorized prescription from a doctor to keep in the student's files
  5. A list of disallowed/allowed/modified activities
  6. Any dietary restrictions
  7. Other items required by the student's care provider/treatment center
  8. A 504 accommodation plan, an Individualized Health Plan (IHP) and an Individual Education Plan (IEP)

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