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No matter what your life stage, this section delivers all the essential facts you need to know about bleeding disorders. Ready to devour valuable information? Dig in.


Birth-8 Years

If you’re a new mom to a child with a bleeding disorder, this is the place to take your first steps.

Next Step

(9-15 Years)

From camp to self-infusion to school to sports, this step will help you explore the road to independence.

Step Up

(16-25 Years)

This is the age of high school, college, and getting a social life. The information here can help you plan for the future and help you manage life transitions.

Step Out


School is out. Jobs are in. From workplace to health to financial concerns, this section can help you make the most of adulthood.


From videos to games to vital health resources, here you’ll find the facts (and fun) to support every stage of life
Games and Interactive Learning Tools
These games and tools were designed to test your understanding and expand your knowledge of bleeding disorders — all in a fun way, of course.
Downloadable Checklists, and Information Materials
The information you need to know to help stay safe, healthy, and happy.
National Hemophilia Foundation
Red Tie Soiree
NBDF’s signature fundraising event provides critical support for innovative research while celebrating the community.
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Unite Your Way
Unite Your Way Start your own fundraiser for NBDF. Whenever, wherever, however you want.
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76th Bleeding Disorders Conference
Don't miss #BDC2024 which takes place from September 12 to 14, 2024, in Atlanta, Georgia!
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