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Community Service

Community service can be a great way to network. The people you meet while volunteering can write you letters of recommendation for college and scholarship applications and can serve as references when you apply for jobs. If you volunteer in your chosen field, the people you meet may be able to help you find a job in the future.

Benefits of Community Service

In addition to being a good use of your time, making you feel good, and helping those in need, volunteering can also enhance your college application and expand your career prospects. Many colleges favor applicants who have a record of volunteer work and community service. When admissions officers see volunteer activities on your application, they see you as a responsible person with leadership skills. The same is true for potential employers reviewing your resume.

Scholarship Benefits

When applying for scholarships, community service experience is always helpful. The people who provide the scholarships are community-minded too, and by offering scholarships they are also trying to help others. In addition to general and bleeding disorder–related scholarships, there are scholarships that are labeled specifically as community service scholarships. You have lots of options! No matter what kind of scholarship you apply for, listing your community service will only help you.

For more information about special scholarships, go to the National Hemophilia Foundation’s Academic Scholarships for Students With Bleeding Disorders.

Giving Back

There are many ways you can volunteer in the bleeding disorders community.

Here are just a few ways to help:

  • Volunteer at your local Hemophilia Treatment Center (HTC).
  • Become a camp counselor at a bleeding disorders summer camp.
  • Find opportunities offered through the National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF).

    For more information about NHF volunteer programs go to Volunteer Opportunities.

  • Raise funds and participate in a Hemophilia Walk.

    For more information, go to Hemophilia Walk.

  • Contact your local hemophilia chapter for volunteer opportunities or programs in your area.

Volunteering – Beyond the Bleeding Disorder Community

You may also enjoy taking advantage of volunteer opportunities in areas that interest you outside of the bleeding disorders community. This will allow you a variety of life experiences and will add diversity to your resume and allow you to keep your bleeding disorder status private.