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Gaining Independence

Dealing with all the steps involved in managing your bleeding disorder, from ordering factor and supplies to handling insurance issues, can be stressful and tedious. It may seem easier to let your parents, or the other adults who have always managed your health care, continue to do so.

But what if you want to...

  • Go away to school?
  • Get a job?
  • Travel?
  • Move out of your family’s house?
  • Become more independent?

Do you see yourself at 30 years of age still relying on your mom or dad to handle treatments for you?

As you transition into adulthood (between the ages of 16 to 25 years), you may feel the need to step up and take control of your own health and health care. Your family can still be your safety net to help you during this time and to remind you that you are fully capable of taking charge.

The sooner you start managing your bleeding disorder, the better. Responsible self-health management will help you stay active, have fun, and live a long and healthy life.

This section of Step Up will focus on what it means to be an adult and maintain your own health care treatment plan. It will cover:

For more information about the treatment of bleeding disorders, go to First Step: Treatment and Next Step: Treatment.

Your HTC: More Than Just a Treatment Center

The Hemophilia Treatment Center, or HTC, often serves as the central source of medical care and information for individuals with a bleeding disorder and their families. The HTC can provide more than treatment; they can be partners in care over the course of a lifetime.

Having a strong tie with your health care team can benefit you and your entire family. In this video, you will hear from people who have formed meaningful relationships with their HTC.