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It is a big step for children to take responsibility for self-infusing. Learning to self-infuse doesn’t need to be scary and most children 9-15 years are ready to take on this role. Once ready to learn to self-infuse, a child will need to know some safety precautions and how to keep factor supplies organized.

This section of Next Step provides important information on:

  • What kids need to know to self-infuse
  • Determining readiness to self-infuse
  • Safety precautions
  • Staying organized

Self-Infusion: What Kids Need to Know

Nothing says independence to a child with a bleeding disorder more than self-infusion. Being able to take charge of this critical part of care is a major step in becoming a healthy and independent person. Self-infusion opens many doors to new endeavors—from sleepovers to going away to college. And it affords you peace of mind to know that your child can care for him- or herself when you're not around.

Next Step has a special section on self-infusion geared toward children 9-15 years of age. Steps for Living encourages parents and other caregivers to look at this section to learn how they can help support their children as they take the next step toward independence.