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The Pain Facts



A bleed can be a painful event. Because the pain experience is often different for each individual, it’s important for children and teens to learn to express both the location of their pain and its severity so that the best treatment can be given.

This section of Next Step provides important information on:

  • Pain facts
  • Who children should discuss pain with
  • How to use a pain scale
  • Taking care of pain

The Pain Facts

Pain is one of the most common characteristics of a bleeding episode. Fortunately, there are many ways to help lessen pain. Nonetheless, pain can be a real cause of stress and fatigue for a child with a bleeding disorder, as well as for his or her caregiver. It’s not unusual for a caregiver to feel helpless. However, with an organized strategy to limit and control pain, you and your child can gain confidence in managing a bleeding episode and the pain it causes.

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