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Medication Management at a New School


Your child may need to take medication or infuse during the school day. As part of the 504 Accommodation Plan, be sure the school nurse has your child’s Individual Health Plan. This plan lists your child’s disorder and treatment regimen.

Here are some other questions to keep in mind when talking to a new school administration about your child’s medication:

  • Is there a locked cabinet for the medication and supplies?
    • Who is in charge of keeping medications safe?
  • My child has a 504 Accommodation Plan that allows him or her to have certain medications at school and to self-infuse.
    • Where can my child self-infuse?
  • What training has the school nurse received?
    • Has the nurse attended in-service trainings by a parent of a child with a bleeding disorder, the Hemophilia Treatment Center (HTC), or local hemophilia chapter?
  • What are the procedures in the case of a medical emergency in a classroom or on the school campus?
    • Does the school understand when they should notify the emergency contact, call the HTC, or go to an emergency room (ER)?
    • Who is responsible for implementing these procedures?
  • Has the school staff received training in medical emergency procedures?
    • What kind of training was it?
    • How many staff members are trained?
  • Is trained staff available at the school full time (or even part time)?
    • Is a procedure in place for when the trained staff is absent?