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What to Know When Going to the Emergency Room

Help your child understand when he or she needs to go to the ER. It’s particularly important to prepare your child in case he or she needs to go to an ER without a parent or family member.

Here are some tips for children to prepare for going to the ER and talking to staff about their bleeding disorder:

  • Always wear your medical alert jewelry or emblem.
  • Call your Hemophilia Treatment Center (HTC) before going to the ER so they can let the ER know you’re coming.
  • Insist that ER staff contact your HTC if they have questions about your treatment plan.
  • Bring important contact telephone numbers, particularly the HTC number, in case the ER staff has questions.
  • If possible, bring the treatment journal.
  • If possible, don’t go to the ER alone. Bring a family member or trusted adult with you.

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