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What Happens at a Comprehensive Care HTC Visit?

A Hemophilia Treatment Center (HTC) provides comprehensive care that addresses all issues related to a person's bleeding disorder, as well as education about the disorder.

Here are some examples of what may take place at an HTC comprehensive care visit:

  • The team gets a careful history of bleeding episodes, treatment, and other medical issues.
  • The team will answer questions and develop a plan with you and your family for treatment and education.
  • Blood is drawn; laboratory studies are done and interpreted.
  • Physical exams, other tests, and imaging studies are performed, if needed.
  • The physical therapist will assess muscle strength and function of joints, and will prescribe follow-up visits for physical therapy, if needed.
  • The social worker will meet with you and your family to help identify problems and find solutions.
  • New trends in treatment options are discussed.
  • Current research will be discussed and appropriate participation will be offered.
  • Written letters and reports will be prepared and provided following the clinic visit.