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Being Away From Home


As you travel and hang out with friends, you’ll be spending more and more time away from your parents. Whether you’re away at a sleepover, overnight field trip, or camp, being prepared is very important. Before you head out, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I know my diagnosis and how to treat my bleeding disorder?
  • Do I know to speak up and tell the chaperone if I have a bleed or if I am in pain?
  • Am I wearing my medical identification jewelry?
  • Am I carrying my Emergency Kit with an extra dose of medicine and a copy of the Travel Letter?
For a copy of a sample letter, go to Travel Letter.

Top 4 Traveling Tips

  1. Plan Ahead

    Here are some points to think about as you get ready for your trip:

    • The climate in the places that you’ll be visiting.
    • How long you’ll be away.
    • The type of bleed that you typically experience.
    • If a Hemophilia Treatment Center (HTC) will be nearby.
    • Your accommodations during travel.
    • Activities during your trip (for example, if you’re hiking, wear shoes like hiking boots that give good support to reduce the risk of ankle bleeds).
  2. Always Travel With a Travel Letter

    It is important to carry a personalized letter from your Hemophilia Treatment Center (HTC) describing what medications and supplies you have to take with you and why you need them.

    For a copy of a sample letter, go to Travel Letter.
  3. Know Key Phone Numbers

    Always carry the numbers for your parents and other emergency contacts and a list of all the Hemophilia Treatment Centers (HTCs) on your itinerary. Work with your parents or trip leaders to find out the phone numbers and address of the closest ER and HTC when you are away from home.

    To find an HTC in the US, go to Hemophilia Treatment Center Quick Finder.

    To find one abroad, go to World Federation of Hemophilia Passport.

  4. Know What to Pack

    Here are important items you should be sure to pack when heading off to camp or other trips:

    • Factor
    • Infusion supplies
    • Medical form
    • Medical identification
    • Infusion log

    Keep your factor safe in your travel bag.

    If you’re camping,

    • Put the extra factor in a separate section of your backpack or in a separate bag from the rest of your equipment.

    When you are flying,

    • Keep all medication in its original packaging.
    • Pack a copy of your prescription with the drug.
    • Keep all medication in your carry-on luggage so that it stays with you the entire time.