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Building Independence


Ready for More Responsibility

Do you ever feel like your parents are being way too overprotective and smothering? Do you feel like you’re ready to do more things on your own but your parents won’t let you?

Here are some ways to help show your parents that you’re responsible and ready for more independence:

  • Try Understanding
    Are your parents overly protective and strict with the rules? Are they constantly asking you if you’re in pain or if you hurt yourself during sports practice? Being constantly monitored by your parents can be irritating! But try to understand that they’re just concerned with your well-being. Sometimes they need to be reassured that they’re doing a good job as both parents and caregivers.

    Let your parents know that you understand their worry. Help ease their anxiety by sharing both your successes and setbacks at school and in sports.
  • Take on More Tasks Related to Your Medical Care
    The best way to show your parents that you’re becoming more responsible and deserve more independence is to start taking control of your health care. You can help set up the supplies for your infusions and clean up afterwards, start tracking and ordering supplies, and log all of your treatments.
For more ideas on how you can take a more active role in your own care, go to Changing Roles in Treatment.
  • Show an Interest in Self-Infusion
    Being able to infuse your factor on your own will give you the freedom to do many things. It will also show your parents that you’re capable of handling one of the most important parts of managing your bleeding disorder. They’ll feel reassured that you can take care of yourself when they’re not around.
To learn more, go to Self-Infusion.
  • Do Chores Around the House
    One way to help show your parents that you’re ready for more responsibility and growing more independent is by taking on more tasks around the house. It doesn’t need to be too time-consuming. Setting the table for dinner or taking out the trash will be an immense help to your parents. By lending a helping hand, you’ll show that you respect the household, and, in turn, your parents will show you the respect you deserve!