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Becoming a Resilient Family


Becoming a Resilient Family

Sometimes living with a bleeding disorder, along with the stress of school, friends, and family, can seem overwhelming.

Here are some suggestions you can try to lighten things up a bit:

  • Communicate.
    Share your feelings, both good and bad, with a family member, friend, clergy, coach or teacher. Sometimes they can give you great advice. Just talking about a worry can make you feel better.
  • Be a Friend.
    Just as a friend will support and care for you, do the same for your friends. When you help others, it takes your mind off any stress you may be having.
  • Believe in Yourself.
    Focus on your strengths. Don’t think of what you can’t do, but all that you can do!
  • Set Goals and Make a Plan to Reach Them.
    What kind of things do you want to do this week? This month? This year? Creating a plan to reach your goals will make them feel more real.
  • Be Positive!
    You have friends, strengths, and goals. You have a lot going for you!