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Resources to Give School Staff

Often parents need a few short sentences to help them explain their child's bleeding disorders to others.

Here is a sample that you can use or adapt for your needs:

“My son/daughter [YOUR CHILD’S NAME] has a bleeding disorder called [NAME OF DISORDER]. This means he/she is missing a protein in their blood to help it clot properly. My child will not bleed to death, and he/she won’t bleed faster than anyone else if they have a cut or scrape. If first aid is required, it is the same as for any other child; but I need to be notified immediately if he/she bumps her head, complains of a bad headache, or has a bad fall. Please contact me if he/she has any other more serious injury as I will have to give him/her medication. Occasionally, [YOUR CHILD’S NAME] will be absent due to a deeper bleed in their muscle or joint. My child can be treated just like the rest of the children and we do encourage our child to participate in some sports and activities. Other children do not need to be cautioned to treat [YOUR CHILD’S NAME] with special care.

“I would like to set up an appointment with the school staff to give a small presentation on hemophilia and go over [YOUR CHILD’S NAME] Individualized Health Plan.”

To print out a copy of Explaining Your Child's Bleeding Disorder to Others, click icon: