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Babysitters and Play Dates

A babysitter is one of the first caregivers with whom you will entrust your child, whether that person is watching your child at home or watching your child on a play date at a friend’s house. When needing a babysitter, you will understandably have concerns and worries about leaving your child with someone else.

New babysitters or other caregivers might also have concerns about taking care of a child with special health needs. Some worries might be about first aid for minor cuts and scrapes or what to do about a bump or bruise, or fears about taking on too much responsibility.

Using the tools and resources below can help relieve some of the anxieties associated with care for a child with hemophilia or other bleeding disorder. The resources below are designed to help you be prepared and confident if an emergency arises, so that you will know how to manage the situation.

This section covers: